JBP_6837 22/05/15

Packington Pork

We are proud to serve Packington Pork at Pom’s Kitchen and Deli as we know the importance of serving free range produce from local suppliers. Packington Pork is truly free-range meat, with a delicious taste hard to find elsewhere.

    • Healthy, happy, stress-free pigs
    • Free-range means free-range! Our pigs are bred and live outdoors for their whole lives
    • Packington pigs are produced to the highest of welfare standards (RSPCA Freedom Food accredited)
    • Antibiotic, growth promoter and additive free – natural meat with no water added
    • High in selenium

As a fourth generation pig farmer, Robert Mercer is exceptionally proud of his free-range pigs, and always strives to improve life for the pigs wherever possible.